With a 2-bbl system that brews just 60 gallons a batch, our production is extremely limited. In these early days, at the risk of over-extending ourselves, we have chosen a select few establishments that make us proud of Napa Valley and excited for the future. Getting to be a part of their programs brings us joy.



Miminashi is an izakaya-style, or Japanese pub, inspired restaurant founded in 2016 by fourth-generation Napan, Chef Curtis Di Fede. The dishes are intriguing and creative, without being overly fussy or esoteric. Think skewers of exotic cuts and catches smoked over an open hearth. Pair that with an all-day walk up window for homemade Japanese ice cream and a literal Rolodex of cocktails. The place is just so cool. We love the fun modern vibe they bring to the Napa culinary scene. This is where off-duty chefs dine.



It is difficult to articulate just how much we adore Ciccio.

Ciccio is a little Italian joint located in Yountville that glows with charm. They have truly nailed the essence of what Italian is all about: culinary excellence without pretension, where everyone feels like family. Executive Chef Bryant Minuche keeps dishes creative but grounded with a focus on showcasing seasonal produce from local farms. As General Manager our magical friend Julia Jones makes everything sparkle. The price point means you come back every week. We wish Napa had more little neighborhood spots that over-deliver like our Ciccio.



Everyone seems to agree that Cadet is the coolest bar in Napa. However, owners Colleen Fleming and Aubrey Bailey are doing more than just single-handedly livening up downtown.

In the land of exclusivity, cult cabs, and wait lists to get on the wait list, these two are creating a place where absolutely everyone is welcome. You will often be brushing shoulders with locals, tourists, and undoubtedly the very winemakers on the list you are looking over. Geeky, skin-fermented, obscure and very rare? They got you. No fuss, just beer in a can will do? They got you. From vinyl records, charcuterie, and educational tasting nights, to surprise live mariachi bands with an El Camino full of beers; Cadet brings everyone together in Napa.